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With four hands and a power reserve of A Lange & Sohne Replica has a noble aesthetic display , showing the swiss fake watches distinctive pure style.swiss fake watches in digital A Lange & Sohne Replica birth year birth year , watch the number " 1815 " on behalf of Saxon precision watchmaking industry founder Ferdinand Adolph Lange year of birth , " the representative Saxon precision watchmaking industry founder Ferdinand and design inspiration for this table is from the legend he created pocket . and design inspiration for this table is from the legend he created .A Lange & Sohne Replica watch production 1815 watch is understated masterpiece pinnacle of the watchmaking industry . Today , A Lange & Sohne Replica movement carry up to three days of power reserve display . the new 1815 UP / DOWN also added one blue steel hands at 8 o'clock , display before the need to watch the running time remaining on the chain and AB .AUF display represent the mainspring fully wound and fully release conditions. this patented device can be traced back to 1879 , is the a Lange & Sohne Replica manufacturing watch one of the traditional.

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Operating Principles 1815 UP / DOWN reference Alto Lange (Otto Lange) patented design . Alto is the grandson of the founder of the watch factory , he specifically for A Lange & Sohne Replica invented a planetary gear system , this means combined with the movement , can promote the show without taking up extra vertical space. A Lange & Sohne Replica make 1815 UP / DOWN power reserve when they use the same technology to display . The board one by without German silver 3/4 plywood processing , equipped with two new gold sleeve , showing a power storage device.Although the A Lange & Sohne Replica homemade L051.2 type movement equipped with an additional 57 members , but the same size as the 1815 model No assembly UP / DOWN display , only 4.6 mm thick and a diameter of 30.6 mm . Hand-carved beneath the balance wheel splint , with classic swiss fake watches and no pointer oscillation system to ensure the accuracy of earthquake frequency , and a lange sohne replica watches factory developed the balance spring , shock frequency of 21,600 times per hour .

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L051.2 movement from type 245 has been carefully modified components , showing a number of features of A Lange & Sohne Replica skills , including the chamfered edges and polished bits , decorated with Glash ribbing 3/4 plywood , from blue steel screws gold sleeve , polished plywood escapement wheel end piece , and found the chain on the gear splint . 1815 UP / DOWN case and pin buckle in 18K gold , white gold or rose gold , all models are equipped with silver solid silver dial. Black numerals and blue steel hands make reading very clear effect . 1815 UP / DOWN is also equipped with rails minute scale , Arabic numerals , and a small dial symmetrically arranged , respectively, power reserve display and run seconds. These elements are exhibit A Lange & Sohne Replica famous pocket watch design, and in a modern way and into the watch being .